Kansas Appraisal Management Company Laws

All registered Appraisal Management Companies in Kansas must adhere to the laws issued by the state. To view these laws, click below:

Kansas Appraisal Management cCompany Registration Act - Article 47

Regulation for Appraisal Management Companies in Kansas

The rules and regulation for appraisal management companies in Kansas are outlined through Chapter 117-20-1 to 117-20-7 of the Kansas Administrative Regulation. To view this document, click below:

Kansas AMC Regulation

Forms for Appraisal Management Companies in Kansas

Want to register your new appraisal management company in Kansas? The forms listed below (issued by the Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board) should help you do just that.

Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Website

The Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board issues regular updates about laws and regulations pertaining to real estate in the state of Kansas. Their website is:


Appraisal Management Software

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